Beacon Neuro physio is a specialist physiotherapy service for patients with stroke, Parkinsons’s disease, MS, Vestibular symptoms (dizziness), Frail elderly, Brain injuries and Spinal cord injuries, Cervical and lumbar radiculopathy. I cover East and South Staffordshire and parts of Derbyshire.

Splints, slings, and braces

foot, toes, strain

Timely use of splints has slowed down contractures from worsening, they have also improved cosmetic appearance of the limb of part of the body that they are applied on. As a part of the research group working on this topic – Beacon Neuro Physio is proud to be at the fore front of evidence-based practice.

Some braces / slings and trays can reduce pain at the shoulder after the rotator cuff muscles weaken following a stroke, brain injury or peripheral nerve damage.

An experienced physiotherapist can suggest the most suitable sling or brace for you. Splints can be fabricated using skin friendly materials.

Specialist seating and wheelchair

motorized wheelchair, wheelchair, elderly

A referral to the local wheelchair service is essential if you are a long-term wheelchair user. A detailed referral to the wheelchair service right from the start can ensure you get the most suitable, pressure friendly and posturally suitable equipment.

 The technicians and engineers at the wheelchair services appreciate an in-depth assessment from expert neuro physiotherapists in providing the right equipment to clients. I have worked closely with wheelchair and seating companies to suggest the best possible equipment to help with clients retain optimal posture and remain free of pressure sores or deformities.
A good wheelchair promotes engagement with the environment – allowing family members and carers to offer better care and improve outdoor experience for clients.