Carol's story

“Carol has been a client of Venu for three years. Carol suffered a severe stroke during 2016 and it was Venu’s careful encouragement both in the mind and physical movements that she has made a miraculous improvement and has regained most of her movement and speech. Venu has a wonderful manner about him, is reliable and is thoroughly recommended of anyone who may be recovering from a stroke.”

Peter's story

“Venu has been helping my mum since a serious stroke 2 years ago. I have found him to be as caring as he is professional. His genuine care for mum is obvious, rountinely going beyond his job discription to look after her. He combines a deep insight into her condition with sentivity when communicating and working with both mum and us through this difficult time. I would not hesitate to recommend Venu to anyone seeking physiotherapeutic care.”

Jane's story

“I had a major stroke leaving me left side paralysed unable to sit up, stand or walk. I was sent home to family on a stretcher. I first met Venu five weeks post stroke. His attitude, gentle and caring manner was refreshing.

Venu put me at my ease, I immediately had faith in him and his abilities. I was given exercises to do each day, within a few days I noticed slight movement. With Venu’s expert help and support, within weeks, I was soon standing, transferring to wheelchair, car and eventually walking on a frame. Against all the odds I attended our daughters wedding, in a wheelchair, eight weeks post stroke.”


to all my clients who chose to share such kind words. 

Jane I cant find words to thank you for the number of times you mention me in your book. Jane has very practical tips for anyone recovering from stroke when it comes to managing activities of daily living. And it comes from someone who has  a first hand experience of fighting and winning the battles after a stroke.

Please find Jane’s book on the following link:

Venugopal Durairaj

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist

clare's Story

“I was first diagnosed with MS in 2014. Although my MS is relapsing/remitting, my physical condition has slowly deteriorated ever since. For example, when I was first diagnosed, I could walk completely unaided. These days I am a full time wheelchair user. I thought that was going to be my lot in life until I got referred to Venu. That changed everything.

Firstly, he listened to me, and he understood. I would go as far as to say that from our first consultation he understood the physical and mental aspects of my condition more than anybody I had previously spoken to. He rapidly and professionally assessed my needs and gave me some initial goals. From thereon, Venu has been with me every step of the way as my condition and abilities have improved. He shows me the way to exercise correctly in order to continue to improve.

Venu is always polite, always courteous, always encouraging, always supportive and very, very knowledgeable. I am so grateful to him for all that he does for me.”